Managing Risk – The Cost Of a Bad Hire

Association of Executive Search Consultants

As we seek to emphasize the added value of retained search to clients and persuade them that search is the right way to go, mentioning both risk management and the potential costs of a bad executive hire can strengthen our case. Raising each of these factors will have strong emotional impact and immediately give pause […]

CFOs: IPOs are coming back. Are you ready? by Samuel Dergel

Sameul Dergel - Executive Recruiter

Initial Public Offerings were hot commodities in the early and mid oh-oh’s. Most finance leadership reading this blog remember those days well, and some of you did very well financially because of it. The recession that occurred towards the end of the last decade put a stop to that IPO train. Companies needing capital for […]

Manager Barometer 2013 – Austria


A survey gauging the mood of Austria’s top executives   Since 2010, international executive search company Stanton Chase has carried out an extensive annual survey of the opinions of Austria’s top executives, monitoring their views on the general economic situation and their expectations for the year. This year again 1,500 top executives and managers took […]

First Talent Management Survey by Stanton Chase Athens


In March and April 2013 Stanton Chase Athens through a survey to Senior HR Executives shed light on one of the important issues concerning all organizations: the “Strategy-Driven Talent Management”. Talent management is arguably one of the most important topic areas in organizations today. Talent is becoming recognized as a core competitive asset in business […]

A Study on Talent Management in Swiss NPOs


The area of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) is currently undergoing a process of transformation in terms of professionalism. Swiss studies to date have failed to consider the extent to which this professionalization is having an impact on the recruitment processes and talent management of NPOs. In order to fill this gap and obtain a better insight […]

Almost half of the CEOs in the Czech Republic see the future optimistically


After our positive experience with last year’s survey amongst Czech top managers, we once more organised the CEO Survey 2013 this year. Because we were particularly interested in comparisons with last year, we asked the managers the same, or slightly amended, questions. From the respondents’ answers, we discovered that most of them assessed 2012 as […]

Socially Networked Yet? OLD Dog, NEW Tricks! – by Ivo Hahn

Ivo Hahn - Executive Recruiter

“Social networking is the great new wave – ride it or risk losing out big time,” says Ivo Hahn, CEO of Stanton Chase International, Hong Kong, speaking of the increasing impact of social networks on the global job market. Hahn and his team of seasoned industry experts form the headhunting firm most preferred by discerning […]

“Who asks whether the enemy was defeated by strategy or valor?” By Saeed Al Muntafiq

Saeed Al Muntafiq

An old friend of mine once told me, when storming the castle, follow these rules. Make sure it’s at night. The darkness provides an element of surprise but more importantly, it allows you to be stealth. Make sure you take out the snipers on the top of the castle. That way you won’t get attacked […]

How to win an Oscar in Business Negotiation – By Saeed Al Muntafiq

Saeed Al Muntafiq

“In a country far away, in an age not long ago there was an organization that signed up a celebrity to start a project. There were many people from many organizations trying to woo the celebrity: he was ranked no 1 in the world and knew the power he wielded. He believed fame and glory […]

“Did you know that each of the 7 emirates of the UAE has a different color of sand?” – By Saeed Al Muntafiq

Saeed Al Muntafiq

7 colors, one nation. Unity in disparity. So why do we need others? If life is about being self sufficient, then why can we not row the boat alone?

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